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Having been within the IT industry for more years than I care to mention, I have seen my fair share of surveys on what is hot and what is not. As a marketer, I am always keen to hear directly from IT professionals what is important to them and what ranks in their top priority list. So when earlier this year we had an opportunity at Natilik to directly ask our clients, we seized the chance.


You can find the collective top five business priorities and IT objectives on the home page of our website There are many interesting observations that can be made from these findings, but one that I found of particular interest was the consistent importance given to ‘the perception of IT’.

All too often IT management can be a thankless task. It is about providing the essential tools and infrastructure to the business that when it works, is taken for granted, and when it fails creates a barrage of frustration. So what has changed?


The role of IT is no longer about supporting the business, it is about enabling the business. A subtle change that has a big impact. In today’s digital world, what is possible, what we do and how effectively we do it is driven by the technology, applications and data we use. What distinguishes organisations that are leaders in their field is their innovative use of technology to make them efficient, effective and differentiated in their sector.


So when IT Directors talk about the perception of IT, they are referring to being seen not just as the department that keeps the lights on, but the business function that enables change and business growth. It is about transitional projects that are focused on desired business outcomes, designing solutions that will have a positive impact on the business and that can be measured and shown to deliver a tangible return on investment.


Why is this focus on the perception of IT so significant? Simply because it transforms the role of IT from the department that controls and is known for saying no, into a valued business function that listens, innovates and enables positive change. With technology advancing at a pace that has never been seen before, surely this is the most exciting time to be in IT and a time that presents so many more opportunities to make a difference and transform the perception of IT.


This blog was written by Gary Coville, Marketing Director, Natilik.