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The Work From Home Poem

Fancy a bit of a change of tone? A more light-hearted read? Our Product Marketing Manager Hayley Knott has written a wonderful poem all around this shift to remote working!

We are in this boat, altogether 

Surviving through the storm, 

Adjusting every single day, 

To works new daily norm. 

I must admit that my new office, 

Is a contrast to the last,  

The coffee is definitely not as good, 

And the biscuits run out fast. 

The cat seems to want to contribute, 

And walk right in the way, 

And the kids need entertaining, 

Every single day. 

So it is a challenge through the week,  

To juggle home and work, 

I never thought that one day, 

I’d see the office as a perk. 

Although my set up is not the same, 

Being connected is the key, 

And Im so thankful for that Webex, 

To see my team - and them see me. 

Because the work still needs doing,  

With projects to still get done, 

And although it may not feel like it, 

You can keep that office fun. 

You can still have group natters on meetings, 

And post the Gif’s in teams, 

And you can share docs between you, 

And help colleagues by sharing screens. 

So as we all sit, remotely   

And in our teams, we can’t high five 

We are thankful for great collab tools 

That are keeping business alive.