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Recognising Our Wonderful Natilik Heroes

Edina Kovacs, People Services Manager


I think we can all agree that at the beginning of 2020 no one was expecting the whole world to go upside down. Everyone had high hopes and big plans, exciting adventures, exotic vacations, etc.


Instead we find ourselves in a pandemic and the life we knew it previously has changed perhaps forever. At first moving an entire company to a working from home model seemed tricky, but as the weeks have passed it was obvious that, thanks to our technology, the whole process has been seamless.  We suddenly found ourselves facing all these new challenges, such as how to keep our people happy and how do we know if anything is wrong. Since we’re not in the office, we don’t have the chance to have those human interactions that we were used to having every day


Keeping our people engaged is more important than ever during these strange times. So, we started thinking creatively.


Engagement is key

One of the most successful events we hold yearly (sometimes twice a year) is the Natilik Quiz. So, we went ahead and did it virtually. It was wonderful to see people’s faces again joined by their families in the background while having a great time. It was almost like we were all together.


Giving back

Every year we ask our people to choose a charity and we organize our events with the intention of raising money for that chosen cause. This year it was obvious that we would try to support the NHS workers.


Launching a challenge or a competition always spark people’s interest, so we came up with the Natilik 1 Hour Challenge where we asked our people to challenge themselves to an activity and do it for 1 hour continuously as well as to raise money the people who are in the front line saving lives.

It was astonishing to see how creative people got. We had one of our People Services Manager Lesley who decided to hula hoop for an entire hour, which I can tell you sounds much easier that it is in real life. Our Commercial Managing Director, Al decided to jump on the trampoline with his family and one of our Marketing Managers, Hayley, painted our favorite gathering spot after work, The Astronomer Pub.


Natilik Heroes

Working for a Tech Company it’s expected to bump into people with interesting sometimes even odd hobbies. However, I was amazed when one of my colleagues, Thomas Martin, casually mentioned that in his spare time he 3D prints surgical masks at home which then he donates to the NHS. So inspiring.

Even though most of us are staying inside most days, the work we do doesn’t stop and there are occasions when our engineers have to visit client sites to deliver and deploy solutions. We call them our Heroes because they go out and continue to help support our clients critical infrastructure and networks to keep their businesses moving forward.