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Mahla joins the Natilik APAC team as a Junior Account Manager, bringing with her a wealth of enthusiasm and a passion for sales. So, how did she get on during her first month at Natilik?




It's important what you do. It's even more important who you do it with. 


Today last month marks my first day at Natilik. I can confidently say that it was scary for me to step into a role I have had no experience in but all of that soon went away. 


Only two weeks in, I found myself in London, surrounded by an energetic and supportive group that are Natilik. From London, New York and Sydney we shared names, our backgrounds and interests. I saw the consistent excellence of service for clients my team mates executed. I also saw the passion they shared for client satisfaction which they executed through collaborative work between all teams be it sales, services and operations. 


It is such a special place to work. To be supported, encouraged to grow as a professional and individual and to live a balanced and healthy life. 

Thank you to people at #Natilik for welcoming me. I cannot wait for what's yet to come.


Mahla Kafami, Junior Sales Executive