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Englishmen in New York - The Natilik Americas Region

After 10 years of living here, I still have a sense of wonder as I walk down the canyon-like streets and avenues. I still marvel at the humming hubbub of busy important people, doing busy important things. I still fall in love, daily, with the continual energy the city provides to those who are the fabric of her ever evolving dynamic.  Embrace the madness, make a plan and go on the attack, she will pull you to her bosom and greatness awaits.  Back away or show any sign of weakness, she will ruthlessly grind you under her heel and turn you to dust.



Business powerhouse.  Cultural melting pot.  Birthplace of ideas that spread like wildfire across the globe.  When Natilik decided on international expansion the conversation as to where we should have our Americas HQ was a short one.  Our 2 Park Avenue location is in the belly of the beast and allows us excellent access to the vast majority of our clients with US presence.  It will also provide us a strong foothold to grow across this geographically immense country and deliver an exceptional experience to our entire client base.


We are delighted to be here and looking forward to becoming another outrageous NYC success story.


After all, if you can make it there…ahhhh, you know the rest ;-)



This blog was written by Alex Church, VP Americas, Natilik Inc