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According to the Cisco Annual Security Report, 100% of the companies surveyed had accessed from within their network, websites that hosted malware and 95% of companies had been targeted with malicious email traffic. Cyber-crime is big business and the threat to every company in every location is very real.


Natilik is helping a client, one of the top 5 Hedge Funds, to address this threat with Cisco Content Security. The solution is deployed across 9 global offices to protect them from users inadvertently accessing sites that host malware and therefore exposing them to a potential cyber breach.

The solution leverages real-time intelligence from Cisco Talos, the world’s largest threat detection network to validate reputation and prevent zero-day threats. Each and every day, Cisco Talos monitors over 75 TB of web data, 1.6M deployed devices, 150M endpoints, 13B web requests and over 35 percent of the worlds’ email traffic.


This is just one example of how Natilik is helping our global clients to secure their data and infrastructure. You can find out more about Cisco Content Security in our Infographic, alternatively, you can reach out to the Natilik team on +44 203 597 8000.