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Choosing The Right Platform For Your Virtual Event

Top tips from our Collaboration experts!


Recently found yourself unable to host in-person events, and looking for a virtual solution to bridge the gap between you and your audience? Here at Natilik, we’ve recently found ourselves having to rethink the way we run events, but with the solutions we have in place as a business, the transition to running events digitally couldn’t have been smoother.


There are so many solutions out there to suit every type of event, but how do you cut through the noise and find one that’s right for your business? (Hint: Natilik is here to help!) The Natilik team have put together an easy to digest overview of their three favourite Virtual Event solutions to help you figure out exactly what features you’re looking for, and which product can tick all those boxes. 


Webex Meetings

Webex Meetings provides a more informal experience for attendees, allowing interactive collaboration between attendees and presenters. Everyone has the ability to mute and unmute themselves during the session, share content and even send messages to other attendees/presenters.


If you’re hosting a larger event, your presenters may find it difficult to keep track of any attendees who have forgotten to mute (we’ve all been there!) and are therefore disturbing the group. However, for smaller, more intimate sessions that actively encourage participants to be vocal and contribute, Webex Meetings is the perfect solution.



  • Get familiar - Set up a practice session to get yourself feeling comfortable with the basic host controls.
  • Get feedback - When sending your attendees a copy of your slide deck or the recording of the session, why not throw in a survey as well? It’s always good to know what you can improve on next time, especially when you’re new to the world of virtual events!
  • Record record record!


Click here to get yourself started with a free 90-day trial of Webex Meetings, and start testing all these amazing features for yourself!


Webex Events

So, you might be wondering ‘I’m expecting over 1,000 people to attend my virtual event, what solution is right for me?’ Fear not, this is where Webex Events enters the chat. With the capacity to host over 3,000 attendees, limiting video to presenters and panellists only, you’re able to deliver formal events with confidence.


Some of the team’s favourite key features allow you to:

  • Manage registration by grouping together similar events focused on similar topics, learning series’ or audiences.
  • Assign presenter and panellist roles.
  • Customise your registration forms to ensure you’re staying on brand.
  • Track where your registrations came from by creating source IDs.
  • Start a practice session so that attendees joining early don’t hear you getting ready to go live.
  • Share slides, demonstrate products and stream video files.
  • Connect e-commerce platforms to support payments.
  • Get your audiences engaged and interacting with your session through live Q&As and polls.
  • Send ‘Thank You for Attending’ and ‘Sorry We Missed You’ emails directly from the Webex Events platform.

Fancy a free demo of Webex Events? Click here to contact us, and one of our Collaboration experts will be in touch to get you set up.


Webex Meetings with Vbrick

The Vbrick plug-in for Webex Meetings allows you to live stream your event to over 3,000 people. This means that you can reach a wider, more global audience than your standard Webex Meeting event, and is perfect for large scale events. However, the Vbrick plug-in does limit your ability to interact with your audience directly, with no options for attendees to connect their audio to speak, and no virtual Q&As. However, if you’re just looking to send out a mass broadcast to your people, your clients or your partners, then this is the perfect solution!


If you’re interested in any of the products within this blog, or just looking for some more advice on how to set up virtual events, then contact us today and our experts will be in touch.