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After the success of the first ever partner led DevNet Express hosted by Natilik, Marketing Manager Hayley Knott put together something a little different to sum up the amazing two days we had!


This world is ever changing,

With Technology at a fast rate,

Some say if you’re not adopting,

You’re sealing your very own fate.

As Confident Guides we are watching,

We are learning and taking it in,

So that we can pass things on to our clients,

And show them where to begin.

That’s why we get nitty-gritty,

And our teams are the best in their field,

And they know all the ins and the outs,

And the latest new tools they can wield.

Now we are not alone in this thinking,

As Cisco is thinking the same,

They have been growing this community of thinkers,

And making an impact under their name.

They go under the umbrella of DevNet,

‘Developer Network’ just so you know,

And they collaborate together to improve,

To develop, ideate and to show.

They host events all across the world,

We have been involved in many this year,

And they showcase all the potential,

And remove some hesitance and fear.

At Natilik we got excited,

As the value it added was clear,

And wanted to bring it straight to our clients,

So thought ‘why don’t we host one right here?’.

So that’s what we did this May,

Across two days we gathered as one,

Laptops out, snacks at ready and coffee,

To learn a bit more how DevOps is done.

We talked through Ansible, Python and GitHub,

Though programmability of DC in part,

There was so much that we could have covered,

The problem of knowing where to stop -not where to start.

There was quizzes, questions and prizes,

Presentations and missions labs too,

And our teams were on hand for the hurdles,

To confidently guide on what to do.

The feedback we’ve received is amazing,

Everyone learnt something new every day,

And we will be running another event in October,

This one focused on DevNet DNA.

A big thanks to all who came along,

Who helped DevOps pick up in pace,

And there will be more coming from the team at Natilik,

So for now ‘Just watch this space’.


Hayley Knott, Marketing Manager