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Thinking about investing in collaboration technology, but not sure if you have the time or resources to complete the project? Discover easy to use and secure collaboration technology that will make life easier for you and your end users.


1. Straightforward to set up, easy to get started

Set up will take you no more than a few minutes and uncomplicated administration means there is no need for exhaustive user training.


2. Security at the heart

Benefit from always on security that gives you options to manage encryption keys for added control and to ensure you meet your compliance obligations. Webex Teams by Cisco encrypts everything before it leaves the device, not just in transit and at rest.


3. Utilise existing technology

Deploy collaboration technology into your existing on premises or cloud environments, so you can continue to take advantage of your existing investments as your business grows.


4. Easy integration for a seamless experience

Integrates your collaboration technology seamlessly with the applications you have already invested in, like Salesforce, Outlook, and Google.


5. Continuous scalability

Take advantage of the industry’s best meeting and calling capabilities, from Cisco Webex. Secure messaging, file sharing, and interactive whiteboarding allow your teams to connect anytime, anywhere. Plus, it all can scale as you grow.


Contact us today to find out how your business can utilise collaboration technology so your teams can work smarter. Ask about our Flex Agreements, payment solutions that suit your needs.