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Your growing business is facing a big challenge. The more you grow and the more data you hold, the more infrastructure needs to be put in place to support and maintain that.


Many first-generation hyper-converged systems promised fast and east deployment. However, for those who ended up utilising these systems, they quickly became complex and inflexible and provided an underwhelming performance. What they were left with was a data centre that was difficult to scale, optimise and manage. So, what’s the solution?


Cisco Hyperflex is a high-performance, flash optimised distributed file system that combines compute, network, storage, virtualisation and data protection into a single application. Gone are the days of complex, expensive and inflexible IT. Cisco Hyperflex has joined the chat, and it’s here to stay! 


Here are 3 reasons why we believe Hyperflex is the future of DC:


1. It's super flexible

Cisco HyperFlex is designed to be flexible and scalable across compute, caching and capacity, giving you full flexibility to scale your hyper-converged environment based on the needs of your evolving business. It’s doesn’t get much more HyperFlex-able than that!


2. It's simple to manage

HyperFlex is fast to deploy and simple to manage. It’s up and running securely in an hour or less and is manageable from one central point.


3. It's cost effective

It goes without saying that when your operations are simpler, you spend less IT resources on routine maintenance. HyperFlex is offered on a cost-effective subscription basis by Natilik, giving you the option to pay bit-by-bit rather than one up front lump sum.



If you’re keen to find out more, click here to download our HyperFlex Infographic or contact us on hello@natilik.com and one of our DC experts will be in touch.