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Why Data is the New ‘Go Faster Stripe’


With a double red 1-2 start on poll this Sunday at the Bahrain Grand Prix, Veteran Vettel and Young gun Leclerc made it Ferrari's race to lose.






Logging on to Pure Storages live online Pit Wall I settled down for lights out in Bahrain, flying a flag for Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport with the race on TV and the extra insight powered by Pure to really understand the in’s and out’s. With a slightly sketchy start, the race hit full speed quickly, with the usual rivalries as teams, drivers and ex-team mates battled head to head for those all-important milliseconds.







In F1 each margin has an impact, the balance of every element must sing in perfect harmony for success. The data from every result, every test lap, every trial, every calculation, every wind speed and every lb weighing in from the drivers is considered for the next move. This data and the ability to harvest it, analyse it and manipulate it, is becoming the true power of F1.


Throughout the race we are reminded of the science and mathematics that drive this sport and the zero room for error, with big simultaneous technical fall outs for Renault and wind speeds effecting the fastest turns. The race saw the Ferrari team hold their position until Vettel was sent spinning after pressure from Hamilton re-positioning him to claw his way back from 7th..


Charles Leclerc, still leading the race, hit disaster on lap 46 of 57 radioing back to the pit that ‘something is wrong with the engine’. At this point I’m sure Mattia Binotto, the new Ferrari Senior Engineer and Team Principal, would have been calling for as much data as possible to be able to advise and reassure his driver on how best to handle the situation. When racing at over 200mph every piece of information fed back is critical and one ill-informed wrong move could be fatal.


It resulted that there was a MGUH Failure that was preventing the car from harvesting electrical energy from the race, totalling around 160HP which is enough to power a standard saloon car. With this disadvantage, Leclerc became a sitting duck for the tail biting Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport team of Hamilton and Bottas.


No fan of the sport would want to take the win from Leclerc as he raced with phenomenal skill. However, the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport duo backed by a fantastic team, including race side support, engineers and data analysts, stole positions 1 and 2.








In an immediate post-race interview Mattia Binotto was asked ‘what happened?’ and his response was that they; ‘have to look now at the engine and the car and the data, we do not have a fully clear indication now its too early, so we will check everything we can later on’ This shows the importance that the F1 sport holds on their data to solve problems, improve performance and keep their drivers safe. Without it, the sport could not evolve.


A great win for Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Team Principle Toto Wolff backed by Data brought to life with Pure Storage and a great race of bravery and skill by Hamilton and Bottas.

Bring on China and the next wave of data powered racing.


To find out how Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport is gaining an Unfair Advantage with Pure Storage, read the full case study or contact us to hear back from one of our Data Centre Specialists 


Hayley Knott, Marketing Manager